How to make perfect macarons

Measure icing sugar (160g) and almond meal (160g).

Mix icing sugar and almond meal thoroughly. There maybe lumps in the icing sugar. You can either sift it before use, or if you keep mixing they will eventually separate and disappear.

When you see this, it is ready, set aside.

Measure two equal portions (each 90g) of caster sugar. Set aside.

Measure 140g of egg white (at room temperature). Put into mixer.

Start beating the egg white at slow speed.

Foam starts to form, you can increase the speed just a little.

When some foam can stay on the beater, this is the indication, and you can start adding caster sugar.

Start adding first 90g of caster sugar, pour in gradually.

When the foam is a lot thicker and can form peaks, it is the second indication you can bring up the speed of the beater and also add second 90g of caster sugar.

Like before, gradually pour in.

Now the egg white is glossy, and very very thick, the egg white is ready.

Add your choice of food colour to the egg white

Add a few drops of your choice of flavour essence.

Pour in the icing sugar/almond meal mix prepared earlier.

Start folding in the almond meal.

Drag your spatular across the surface every few folds.

Keep folding until the mixture is slightly runny.

Fill the pipping bag with the mixture. Rest the piping bag in a tall glass, or a plastic drink bottle with top part cut off, so it is easier to fill the bag.

Pipe dooms of about 0.75" in diameter, they will slowly self-level to about 1". Let them sit and dry for about 15-20 minutes. When ready, a shell will form.

As we wait for the shells to form, pre-heat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius.

After the wait, check if the shell is formed. Carefully and lightly touch the surface.

If it is dry to touch, it is ready for baking. Bake at middle slot or even lower inside the oven for around 11 minutes. Will provide the filling in another guide!

Watch the video: Making 1,600 macarons by my self in 3 hours (November 2021).