How to make empire biscuits

Place softened sticks of butter in a bowl.

Pour 1cup of sugar in the bowl and mix with a spoon or your very clean hands.

Once mixed there shouldn't be any lumps of butter or sugar.

Slowly pour the flour into the sugar/butter mixture, a cup at a time. Use your hands to mix. You'll use anywhere between 4 & 4 1/2 c of the flour. When it's no longer sticky you should be good!

This is how the dough should look. Roll it into a ball.

Cut the dough into 4 sections, unless you have a large area to roll it all out.

Roll 1/4 section of dough into a ball. I place the dough in between two sheets of floured wax paper to roll it out.

The dough should be about a 1/4 inch thick once rolled out.

I used a martini shaker cap to cut my cookies out. The cookies are the perfect size not to small not to large.

Place cookies on a cookie sheet- do not grease the cookie sheet. Cook for a total of 14 mins. (7 on the top rack, then 7 on the bottom rack). Don't let the cookies brown. Cool on a cooling rack

Once cookies have cooled place a bit of red raspberry jam on the cookie and top with another cookie to make a sandwich. Continue till all cookies have been used up.

This is what the cookies look like before the icing goes on. I like to chill the cookies for an hour before putting the icing on. (This pic is a double batch)

ICING- Pour confectioners sugar into a bowl and slowly pour the liquid into bowl while mixing. You want a thick consistency for the icing so don't just dump all the liquid in.

Nice thick icing!

Once cookies are iced place a quarter maraschino cherry on top. I chill the final product to set icing. Make a cup of tea and enjoy!

Watch the video: How to make Empire Biscuits (November 2021).