How to cook stuffed shells

Start with your ingredients.

Boil water. I salt mine,it boils quicker but also gives the shells a slight salt taste(obviously) lol;)....do this first it will take the longest.

Grate the mozzarella cheese.

Set half aside for the top of the shells and put the remaining into a food processor...if you don't have one that's ok, just put into a bowl(might be a longer process) but you'll get it done.

Chop a large onion...this is optional. I always add one to my meat while I'm browning the ground beef.

Ok it's finally boiling! Throw them in!! I think I counted about 40. These are not the huge ones. Don't get me wrong they're big but not the size where eating two is enough. ;)

Drain the noodles.

Put them straight into ice cold water. This stops the growth process. They will keep cooking and expanding if you skip this step. If they expand, there will be nothing to stuff lol;)

Drain the meat

Add a jar of Ragu to the meat. I always use, Mama's special garden sauce. My family can tell if I use something different. Add a little water to the jar after pouring it over and shake up to add.

Side Note... If you start the sauce in the morning, keep it in the crock pot all day on low and you'll only have the rest in the evening. That doesn't save any steps but it does break them up some.

Add the small curd cottage cheese, and three eggs to the mozzarella. I also sprinkled some salt, pepper and italian seasonings. Pulsate!! Lol or blend whatever you prefer to call it;)

It should look something like this.

Since oven has been preheating from the start at 350 these last few steps will complete your meal...add sauce to bottom of casserole dishes. You might only need one. I cooked enough to fill three;)

Add shells and fill them with the cheese mixture.

Spoon plenty of sauce and the mozzarella cheese that was set aside earlier onto the shells.

Cover with tin foil and bake for 20 mins covered. Bake the last 10 uncovered.

Wah la!!! Nice, hot and did I mention yummy?! Stuffed shells:) Hope this is useful. I also would love feedback. Let me know if you can do some tweaking to skip some steps or add to the flavor!!

Watch the video: How to Make Stuffed Shells (November 2021).