How to make stove top (moka) coffee

This guide is for a small stove top coffee maker, also known as a moka. This size makes 3 espressos (or 2 large espressos if you're like me!).

Fill with cold water up to the hole (the pressure release valve).

Put the funnel filter on top of the bottom chamber.

Freshly grind some delicious coffee beans. I chose ritual.

They should be ground to a fine consistency.

Put the moka on the stove at a low to medium heat.

Serve in a stylish espresso cup with biscotti ;) If you prefer an Americano or Long Black, boil some water and let it cool slightly then add to the coffee. I find half coffee, half water is good.

Watch the video: How to Make Moka Pot Coffee u0026 Espresso - The BEST Way Tutorial (November 2021).