How to make hekeng

Chili, celery, and onion sliced as thin as possible. 4 eggs.

Minced pork and prawn, and the tofu wrapper

Add 100g of flour or until the mixture is dense enough to be wrapped.

Pour egg into the mixture. Mix.

Mix thoroughly.

Add celery, chilli and onion.

Add 3 teaspoons of salt and some MSG (or kaldu jamur). Mix.

Put the mix onto the tofu wrapper. Leave some space for the edges.

Looks like this. Ready to wrap. One layer is enough (don't overlap too much)

The finished hekeng

We can steam three at the same time. Put this into your rice cooker and steam it while cooking rice simultaneously.

Rice cook mode

The hot steaming Hekeng ready to be sliced and fried

Watch the video: Resep Saos Asam Manis Hekeng. Hekeng Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe (November 2021).