How to make soda cans into containers without a can opener

I recently saw another guide on how to make pop can containers, but my can opener didn't work on pop cans. So I figured out how to do it without the opener.

Grab your supplies. Empty pop can and scissors. I took the tab off the can, I thought it might get in the way.

Make relief cuts out from the opening of the can.

Then cut off the pieces you made.

Try to end up with this. Next, bend the remains back and forth until they fall off.

It should look like this. Don't worry if its not perfect.

Now scrape the inside left overs with the inside of the scissors or a knife. If you want it really smooth, use sandpaper.

You're done! Use it as a cup, flower pot, or anything else you can think of.

Watch the video: #lovesummerart DIY Cola can HACK Turn your empty soda cans into Planters or Storage Solutions (November 2021).